Dragon Sal Z is the Sal's community's home grown anime. It's creator, Adam?, draws heavily from the work of Tom Siddell (of Gunnerkrigg Court fame) and manages to incorporate the members of Sal's into his art.

Plot Summary

Evil admins have kidnapped Sal and taken over the forum! It's up to the trolls to become Runescape Warriors and save the day! First they battle through the FOREST OF THE BAND. Then they enter Sals Realm and encounter some enemies, mostly distinguished members to start. All in their path, Jack Nicholson, Sryen, and Doddsy fall, but take the life of dwar.

In season 2 the mods are on the hunt!


Originally, Dragon Sal Z was supposed to be based directly off of what was happening on Sals. This included, but was not limited to, people retiring, promotions, bannings, and assorted nonsense. However, when Doomsicle and Emanick decide to retire/unretire every 5 minutes, and man and Venom come out of retirement when they are supposed to be fighting a war, this becomes difficult.

Then everything went to shit when all of the main characters besides Adam? quit Sals.

Hello this is Adam?. If you are reading this I bring you a message about the future of dsz: there is no future. There can't be because Sal's is dead and without anything to make fun of the comic is just about the STORY and OH GOD NO. I'm sorry I won't be able to finish it as I originally intended because the activity is gone, but you can only blame yourselves.

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