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A famous hated guy who loves to troll. He started as a classic Salfag and good RuneScape no-lifer but continued to become the biggest and most annoying troll ever. He argued with some of the best most corrupt moderators in this world, Dani and Egghebrecht the warrior, which led to him flaming all Salfags, creating ohiirthar and trolling. He was so nice to turn himself in and PMed Dani, admitting that he had trolled with over 10 accounts, which resulted in his FINALLY!!! last warn and permanent ban. I would say that Sal's Realm of RuneScape is a better place without him, but he never left and has an average amount of 8 trolls per week. In fact, he's trolling you at this very moment!

Macki on RuneScape

Macki was a very good and polite RuneScape player. He had 99 Fletching (lul buyable skill), 99 Cooking (lul eazy skill) and 99 Defence (lul def n00b) and didn't afraid of anything. He really liked skilling and was the proud owner and to-date only known administrator of the (in)famous skill log "Macki's Goals and Achievements" - a very creative name indeed. When he decided to quit RuneScape and inform us in his long and philoshophical style with a letter saying why he quit the best game in the world, he caused the second biggest mourning on Sal's - the biggest was when he got banned from Sal's :'(((((( He thengave his account Macki60 to some of his friends, recovered it and gave it away on a YouTube video which showed Macki throwing away all his stuff. Then he recovered it again, gave it away and recovered and gave it away and recovered etc which he will continue to do until it finally gets banned. On his video, he also broke some rules and got the account perm muted :(((

Macki's worshippers

Macki is also famous for having the biggest group of worshippers ever made, which included pwnage people like Dragons777dr, PinkyTM, Erik Delko, Light, Nonickname, Sofee and a lot more. His newest follower is Mutt, who is also an admin on ohiirthar. Most of these people can still be found on ohiirthar.

Macki's trolls

So far it is believed that Macki has made over 1000 trolls, 300 of which have successfully penetrated into the forums and polluted them. His trolls debate, make skill logs, post porn, make fun of idiots, make fakes and even blogs. Power!!!

Macki is God!

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