mai hagiwara is v hot

He likes azn fobs and Mai Hagiwara!!!

Zon on Zon:

I'm not a troll, my love for little girls is genuine, but sometimes the
(over) reactions from people from my posts is too funny sometimes. I've
stopped now, since I got a warn for it. But stuff like Mai Hagiwara
getting a photobook? I was so happy even irl. Heck, my one blog entry
about her getting photobook got turned into a draft by a mod, so yeah I
pretty much can't talk about Japanese girls anymore.

Regret sums
it up pretty well, pretty much every forum I go to, people think I'm
trolling because they think I'm just way too weird to actually be real.
but make no mistake pretty much everything I have said on this forum is
true, but like I said previously, I had sometimes done it in addition
to how over reacted people act. But I don't do that anymore(and I only
did it for a short while.

Definition on Zon:

Zon70 hasn't done anything to deserve the shizzle he had got from here,
and he's taking it with class. I'm not going to go on about what's
wrong or right about him because I respect him.

thumb|450px|left|omg kawaii!!1!!1